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Slick Snow Stick™

The snow shovel, rake, plow & ice scraper.

This new and unique tool with its patented design (articulating blade on the bottom and soft highly durable molded foam top) whacks snow off your car or truck fast and safe! Then best of all the blade angles to almost 45 degrees to plow an average snow fall away even faster! The patented design slides over the pesky cracks in the walks like they're not even there, and for less money than some of the competition. Slick Snow Stick™ is the ultimate snow removal tool hands down ... or up.

And it's the last snow shovel you will ever need to buy because all of the parts can be bought separately. You save money down the road by replacing just the part that burns out over the years. Whether you're a dealership with rows of cars or an average household with a car or two in the drive, you'll see that the Slick Snow Stick™ will save you a lot of time, money, and effort.


So Don't blow it. Don't shovel it. Stick it! "Get Slick."
Slick Snow Stick™ is a Snow Shovel, Snow Rake, Snow Plow and Ice Scraper.
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